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Integrated Logistics Solutions

Eagle Systems provides logistical support services for our clients in locations worldwide. From operational analyses to equipment fielding and mobilization support, our integrated, professional teams help improve logistical service quality for our Warfighters every day. We identify efficiencies for increased throughput and decreased cost by identifying, testing, and proving them before system implementation. To enhance client operations, we also provide general logistics support services such as accounting and quality assurance. Our integrated logistics solutions focus on three service areas: Total Package Fielding, Base Operations and Mobilization/Demobilization Support, and Medical Logistics.

Total Package Fielding (TPF)

Eagle Systems TPF services include the following areas of support during all phases of equipping efforts:

  • Distribution
  • Transportation
  • Warehouse Operations
  • Government Property Management
  • Data Management

Our Fielding Teams inventory, install, assemble, and configure new or modified equipment fielded for most configurations of hospital and medical unit assemblages. In conjunction with training client personnel to operate these systems, our Teams have fielded materiel systems, including power supplies and heating/cooling systems, both in peacetime and in active combat theaters (Kuwait, Haiti, Bosnia, Germany, Korea, Bahrain, and Iraq). We also provide technical and database information retrieval services in the area of Materiel Force Structure Support Services and testing/QA support for Firefinder Radar Systems.

Base Operations and Mobilization/Demobilization Support

Eagle Systems provides a complete array of base operations services in addition to mobilization/demobilization support. We schedule, coordinate, and track the movement and storage of government and privately-owned property, including hazardous materials and waste. Our logistical support for mobilization and deployment operations includes material management, movements, equipment readiness, and billeting and facilities management. Specific activities are listed below.

Medical Logistics Services

Eagle Systems medical logistics services support the United States Army Medical Materiel Agency in its execution of the Army Campaign Plan and Army Transformation efforts. Our skilled personnel interpret regulations from medical logistics functions to assist clients in navigating the appropriate processes for unit-level medical materiel systems, care of supplies in storage, and warehousing. We conduct quality assurance assessments on fielded equipment and provide procedural guidance for depot operation and maintenance personnel to maintain and refurbish Deployable Medical Systems equipment.

Our technicians maintain and repair select biomedical equipment, including preventive maintenance and routine diagnostics. We also perform the following activities:

  • Coordinate actions on behalf of the Lifecycle Management Command-Medical concerning RESET or Left Behind Equipment actions.
  • Conduct unit and stakeholder RESET briefings and onsite assessments.
  • Monitor fielding status of RESET actions.
  • Attend RESET Army Force Generation conferences and training and provide materiel disposition information to clients.