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Training Solutions

Eagle Systems develops technology-based courseware to supplement or replace paper-based delivery methods and materials. We provide individual and organizational training, training and education support, and training management solutions. Our full range of training services includes assessment, analysis, design, development, implementation and evaluation in accordance with the Instructional Systems Development (ISD) model and current government regulations. We have established procedures for developing training using instructor-led, field, interactive multimedia, simulation, and Advanced Distributed Learning (ADL) methodologies that conform to industry standards such as the Sharable Courseware Object Reference Model (SCORM) and Section 508 compliance. Our training solutions experience includes instructionally-sound military training, emergency response training, and aviation safety training.

Instructionally-Sound Military Training

Eagle Systems has become a known provider of training support for mobilization missions. Our professional instructors perform training for a variety of U.S. Army and Air Forces clients. This training can include the following types courses:

  • Pilot, Co-Pilot, Loadmaster and Air Crew
  • Warrior Tasks Training
  • First Aid and Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical defense
  • Personnel Recovery
  • Code of Conduct    
  • Leadership
  • Anti-Terrorism/Force Protection

Additionally, we provide training support in a variety of approaches.

  • Application ("App") development, testing and distribution
  • WAN & LAN configuration, operation & maintenance
  • Learning Management Systems

Training Methodology

Eagle Systems has experience in providing tailoerd training in a variety of media:

Delivery Method

Training Product


Self-study course on implementing a federally-mandated program to disseminate hazardous materials information and develop/test emergency response plans


Broadcast-quality video used in instructor-led resident training to instruct new evaluators on the techniques for evaluating commercial nuclear power plants during scheduled Radiological Emergency Preparedness exercises


National Urban Search and Rescue Response System curriculum to enhance the skills of First Responders in Florida and Washington


Curricula to accommodate rapid deployment of training for the Incident Management Team of the United States Fire Administration and State of Washington


United States Fire Administration curriculum to assist local officials in making informed and rational decisions regarding fire and emergency services


Aviation Safety Training

Eagle Systems provides training and training support to the Federal Aviation Administration, revising and developing curricula to certify aviation safety inspectors. Our services include classroom instruction, device training, courseware development, and computer-based training (including Level D flight simulators). We have assisted with identifying course requirements, classroom and laboratory requirements, and simulator requirements, and with adjusting facility schedules as required. We also developed a relational database system to track scheduled courses and available or assigned instructors. Some of our latest projects are listed below.

Delivery Method

Training Product


One-hour refresher training module for air traffic control awareness of and response to situations in which an aircraft may be in distress or an emergency situation

Computer-Based  Courseware provided in electronic form for all FAA training deleting the need for costly paper manuals and texts.


Basic training for new airworthiness inspectors, consisting of tasks associated with certification and surveillance job functions common to both air carrier and general aviation airworthiness inspectors


Basic training for new air carrier maintenance and avionics inspectors consisting of tasks associated with certifications, inspections, and surveillance job functions unique to the air carrier airworthiness environment